Stop burning your carpet, transform it instead!

By entrusting us with your excessively worn or irreparable carpets, you can rest assured that your waste will be handled sustainably and repurposed for circular use.

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Carpets to be valorized

Tri & Dépose

Nous prenons en charge le tri et l'enlèvement de vos dalles usagées grâce à un audit sur place.


Une fois collectées, vos dalles usagées sont soumises au processus upcycling de notre partenaire ReStart by Tarkett.

Production circulaire

Les déchets sont transformés en ressources de haute qualité pour la reproduction de nouvelles dalles de moquette.

How does it work?

Composil, along with its partners, offers various solutions to clients interested in valorizing their used carpet tiles. Our Carpet ReUse Program®️ gives a second life to potentially reusable tiles and sends those that can no longer be reused for recycling, with the aim of reusing their components to manufacture new products.

We provide a comprehensive and structured solution to avoid the proliferation of intermediaries in the process.

Nos formules de prestation

Les dalles qui sont réutilisables méritent une 2e vie.
 Avec ses partenaires, Composil propose plusieurs solutions aux clients intéressés de réutiliser des dalles de moquettes.

Trouvez la formule qui convient à vos besoins.


Let's build together the
eco-responsible future of carpets. 

Carpet is present in 70% of office and hospitality surfaces. With a recycling rate of only 3%, the current waste management is disastrous and contributes to the enormous negative impact the construction sector has on the environment.

The world is changing, and so are the needs of businesses. Composil has adapted to offer a practical and cost-effective solution to all companies concerned about their impact.

Let's build together the eco-responsible future of carpets. 

Even though carpets still cover 70% of professional surfaces, the current management of their waste is disastrous and adds to the huge impact the construction industry has on the environment.

The world is changing, and so are the needs of businesses.

We have

Logo de Composil, entreprise spécialisée dans le réemploi de moquettes d'occasion


of construction waste is recycled, with almost all textile ending up in incinerators.

232 950 kg

Current amount of waste saved through our valorization process for the year 2023.

10 kg

of CO² saved per m²: 6 kg and 4 kg of CO² are respectively required for raw material extraction and incineration.

Schedule the take-back of an used carpet.

Fast and tailored project management.

All-inclusive solution without intermediaries.

Concretely valorize your waste.

Process Recycle

On-site audit of the condition of your carpet tiles to be removed.

Sorting & Disposal of the carpet tiles ensured by our sheltered workshop partners for a positive social impact.

Removal & Transport of the carpet tiles included for your peace of mind.

Refurbishment or Recycling of the carpet tiles depending on their condition.

New life for these tiles through resale or optimal recycling.

What we offer you

Transform your projects into financial and ecological opportunities with our solution.



Centralize the entire process of removing your carpet waste with easy logistics and a single point of contact: Composil.



Benefit from a flexible tailor-made offer that places the specific needs of your deconstruction projects at the center of each step of the process.


Positive Impact

Transform your carpet waste into sustainable opportunities, generating benefits for both the environment and your finances.

Ce que nos clients en pensent

"Des tapis et un service impeccables ! Depuis les dernières transformations de notre head quarter, nous pouvons apprécier les nombreux avantages offerts par la formule innovante de Circular Carpet Lease : un rapport qualité/prix très compétitif, des prestations professionnelles et des équipes réactives qui répondent rapidement aux impératifs de notre activité au quotidien."
Société dans l'industrie chimique
Circular Carpet Lease de 5.500 m²
As professional in the cleaning and services sector in Belgium, France and Luxemburg, we express our confidence and highly recommend the Carpet Caring Program® of Composil Europe. This Company is offering a very professional and efficient service for the maintenance of carpets over the years.
Major Cleaning Company
150.000 m² de moquettes entretenues et nettoyées par an
Notre excellente collaboration avec Composil Europe SA pour la mise en place de leur programme d'entretien Carpet Caring Program® sur les moquettes de nos bâtiments, dure depuis plus de 15 ans !
Société de télécommunication
140.000 m² de moquettes entretenus par mois

Frequently asked questions


What does Composil offer for carpet revalorization and recycling?

Composil offers a unique solution focused on sustainability and proper waste management for carpets that are too worn or irrecoverable. By entrusting us with your used carpets, you can be assured that they will be treated responsibly and revalorized for circular use.

After precise sorting by specialists, there are two options available:

  • Specific refurbishment before reintroducing the tiles to the market through our catalog.

  • Optimal recycling of recovered waste to create new raw materials.

How does Composil simplify waste management logistics for business projects?

As part of our recycling and revalorization service, Composil takes care of the removal, sorting, and transportation of your used carpets.

This way, you avoid dealing with multiple parties for carpet removal, transportation, or disposal at the incinerator, etc.

We always strive to ensure a simplified process for our clients with a single point of contact.

How can I schedule the removal of old carpet tiles?

Composil offers a fast and personalized project management for the removal and recycling of your old carpet tiles.

To do this, you simply need to fill out a contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the benefits of choosing Composil's revalorization and recycling solution?

Composil's revalorization and recycling formula adheres to the principles of circular economy, providing an economical, ecological, and practical solution for your old carpets.

By collaborating with us, you actively contribute to a construction sector that is more responsible and environmentally conscious.

Additionally, you will receive a recycling certificate indicating the amount of CO₂ saved through your deconstruction project.

What certification does Composil offer for recycling efforts?

By choosing Composil for the removal of your old carpets, you will receive a certificate of recycling and CO₂ savings for your company, recognizing your commitment to sustainable practices.

What are the environmental impacts of Composil's revalorization and recycling efforts?

Composil's initiatives have led to significant waste savings through the revalorization process, resulting in substantial CO₂ reductions.

Although there is still much work to be done (only 3% of textile waste is currently recycled), the figures are continuously improving, demonstrating a positive awareness among businesses and favorable legislation.

Some figures from 2023:

  • Over 130,000 m² of carpets have been revalorized/recycled.

  • 1300 tonnes of CO₂ have been saved.

  • Over 600 tonnes of petroleum-derived products have been avoided.

Entrust your used tiles to renew their lifecycle.

Your waste is not to be thrown away; it is to be transformed and revalorized! With a single intermediary and a simplified process, you enable the industrial carpet production to be more environmentally responsible.